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Wet Worx Water Features

Every time water moves it should be beautiful.

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         WET WORX is a full service water feature installation, repair, and maintenance provider for residential and commercial pond, fountain and water feature owners.                                         

We offer a full product line of pumps, skimmers, falls, lights, and maintenance products necessary to ensure a quality built water feature that will look and sound beautiful. WET WORX is committed to providing service for the life of your pond, fountain and other water features after installation. With over 10 years experience, I can diagnose and repair most problems even after other companies have tried.

We feel that no water feature is a lost cause and can offer options from quick fixes, minor upgrades or complete reconstruction. It is not only what looks best but what works best.

We are here to help no matter what size water feature you have. Many times questions can be answered over the phone. Products can be delivered or shipped directly to you.

Idaho Springs, CO
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New customers are repeat customers because we are committed to having you receive the most enjoyment from your water paradise.
Phone number: (303) 567-4323
Fax number: (303) 567-0121
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